Created by a parents who wouldn’t settle for less.

I’m Stamie


Mom to three awesome teens and a toddler I adore. Partner to the most amazing woman ever. Comedian—best known for making my family happy and laughing. And a proud Greek with big goals of making it to the motherland every summer. I’ve also been taking care of Angelenos full-time for over 18 years, by helping people find their forever homes. Outside of work, I try not to take things too seriously. Sunset hikes and beach time are how I stay centered.

I really do love helping people. Especially when it comes to keeping families healthy. When we discovered that my oldest son had a rare neurodevelopment disorder that made it hard for him to absorb nutrients as a baby, the importance of vitamins and supplements became totally obvious. Today, he’s happy and healthy and ready to take on the world. He’s a fighter. And an inspiration. Same goes for my twins. Every day they amaze me. Watching all my kids bond with their two year old brother has been a blessing.

But these teenage years have also been 🤯 and a reminder of my own challenges staying healthy. Deep down I knew there was a solution, something that could help guide them through the ups and downs of being a teenager.

As founding members of the official mewd-lifting committee, my family and I welcome you here, happy to share what has worked for us—confident that this little gummy will help you and yours make these teen years, the most memorable ever.

I’m Mike


The one dude in a family filled with three incredible women. L.A. native. Peruvian and Italian heritage. Sports car aficionado. And an E-commerce head honcho.

When my oldest daughter developed skin issues at a young age, my wife and I found that solutions were slim. And the products out there contained super harsh ingredients. Together, we formulated a gentle cleanser and created our family business, kidskin.

If I’m not working on discovering natural tools that can help bring families together, I’m at the beach enjoying long walks and playing volleyball with the girls. They too, are the founding members of the official mewd-lifting committee and have inspired us to create solutions not only for our teens, but for all families in need of support through these tough transitions.

By working closely with friends, family, and scientists, I’ve learned that there are natural alternatives to health and wellness. Alternatives that are better. And safer for our families.

As a Libra, I’m all about restoring balance. Listening. Diplomacy. And with mewd, I believe we have most definitely tipped the scales in everyone’s favor ⚖️.

I’m Lauren

Head of Product Development

Hospitality wizard. Restaurant developer. World traveler. Event producer. And celebrity chef.

I’m passionate about creating memorable experiences through new hospitality concepts, food & beverage, operations and events.

My journey began in restaurant management at badass eateries like The Standard on the New York City High Line, and Hakkasan in the Fontainebleu Miami Beach, before landing in my hometown of L.A. 🌞

Here, I’ve managed hotspots like Hinoki & the Bird and transitioned to events director at E.P. & L.P., before launching my own hospitality consulting company, Create Hospitality.

Create has linked with some of L.A.’s most exclusive venues, including Rustic Canyon Group’s portfolio and Elephante. We also created The Pier House and Cartolina in Venice, California—where I live with my partner in crime and our rescued Husky, Bowie.

The power of the body-mind connection is super important to me. I co-founded international retreat company, Yogakoh—and earned my Bachelor’s in Dance from the University of Colorado, Boulder, and my Master’s in Food Studies from New York University.