Our Story

It all began with a mewd

Several mewds, actually. They started spreading like little fires among our families. Our babies were changing. Not gonna lie. It was scary. Mostly because we felt helpless.

Our girls were acting super emotional. The boys were all kinds of mewdy. And getting everyone to chill out was growing increasingly difficult. We remembered how impossible it can be for teenagers. Our own struggles that we suffered through bubbled to the surface. As friends, with two separate families, we witnessed our teens stumbling into adulthood and it was painful.

We decided to do something. Something as simple as a gummy. A gummy made from ingredients safe enough for our own children.

mewd was founded by a belief that life is good. That life is meant to be enjoyed. And that life can be so much better when we prioritize our health and balance our minds.

Our wish is to help parents and their teens develop the tools they need to live their best lives.

Stamie and Mike
Founders & Friends