Why mewd

mewd was created by two parents and inspired by four teenagers who, together, share a vision that all families can support each other through challenging transitions by strengthening their mental, emotional, and physical health.

It’s important to us that every teen is good. And we believe that’s possible. With mewd.

We’ve made it our mission to help families develop wellness habits that are fun and simple.

Think of mewd as one less thing you need to do.

Because no one likes being told what’s good for them. Especially our children.

We can all agree

Change is not easy. Every single person is currently feeling it. And hormones are not cool.

That’s why mewd was created just for teens.

We need a multivitamin packed with immunity boosters and the highest concentrations of mood enhancing supplements available. Points for tasting sweet and fitting in great with our daily routine.

So whether we want to vibrate higher, chill out deeper, or just feel more centered, mewd is formulated to get us there safely.

Vitamins are having a moment. And balance is totally underrated.